It’s Raining Again…

…well, not actually at the moment, but we are enjoying a rainy start to the new year, which is just fine by me.

Rushing waters of our creek below the dam overflow

Water rushing down our creek below the main dam


Right at the moment our tanks are full, the dams are overflowing, the creek is running (rushing might be a better word), and the garden is green.


As I write, the sun is shining brightly outside and I even have washing on the line, but there is a cooling breeze and clouds dotted about the horizon, and, every day this last week or so, we’ve had rain blow in about mid-afternoon. Except for the last two days, which have been solid rain, all day!



Whilst others might lament a rainy summer break (Will certainly is – at least the bit with the afternoon thunder storms where we unplug the computers and TV/DVD player), I’m just loving it. I do admit to being one of those strange people who love the rain, generally, what with going for walks, the sound on the tin roof, curling up with a good book, etc., etc., but I also find it a lot less stressful than long, hot days watching the sky for smoke.  Just me.

Rain across the valley

Rains sweeps in across the valley during one of my walks – beautiful!



Ripples on the Frog Pond in the rain.








Downsides? I suppose getting the clothes dry, the track slowly disintegrating as it gets washed down the hill, visiting ‘roos drenched through, Will telling me how bored he is the second he’s unplugged…


Some damage to the track after a heavy downpour.


sheltering from the rain

One of this year’s joeys takes shelter under our eaves.









Sitting inside during the thundery downpours definitely has its good points, though. Apart from rediscovering the joys of games like Scrabble and Uno with Will and Matt, I’ve devoured four novels, three gardening books, and uncountable articles on writing, blogging and setting goals.

Hmm. That last point, there, brings me to the months that have gone by in silence since I last posted anything, back in July (very embarrassing when WordPress emailed my 2014 round-up!).

I’ve been feeling bad about that.

So, one of my goals for this year (still to be finalised, thanks to being overwhelmed inspired by so many great ideas, see above) is to make sure I have a blogging schedule. I’m going to be realistic and not promise anything weekly, but will be working on at least once a fortnight, looking at projects around the property, our visiting wildlife, the sheer beauty and serenity of living at Seventy Seven Acres, the occasional recipe or two, and random thoughts and ideas that pop up.

See you down the track in 2015!

Oh, and Happy New Year – a bit late perhaps, but let’s hope we all have a good one.