Down in the meadow where the wind blows free…

...the lightning tree

…the lightning tree

in the middle of a field stands a lightning tree.
It’s limbs all torn from the day it was born,

for the tree was born in a thunderstorm…

(quoted with fond memories of Follyfoot back in my childhood days)

This lightning tree was ‘born’ in a wild thunderstorm here at Seventy Seven Acres just a few days ago. We knew that there had been a strike fairly close to the house, but finding this tree and all the bits of wood strewn around only about a hundred metres or so across the hill was still something of a dramatic event. Matt came across it whilst checking for storm damage, but he hadn’t been expecting anything like this. The tree must have fair exploded!

We think that the trunk must have been saturated with water to create the conductivity.


...the wood just seems to have been ripped apart and strewn everywhere

…the wood just seems to have been ripped apart and strewn everywhere

Large chunks of wood were found up to twenty or so metres away from the tree…

I’m glad it wasn’t any closer – for a whole myriad of reasons.

Mind you, a good look around discovered about five old dead trees that look like they might have ‘gone’ the same way. Great for the wildlife that uses the trunks for habitat (parrots, owls, wombats, snakes…) but it does suggest that the ridge is, um, an interesting place.

Probably not somewhere that anyone would want to be standing during a storm.


I don’t think we’ll show this one to Will just yet.  Thunderstorms worry him enough as it is!

Although… on reflection, he’ll probably find it for himself soon enough…

Oh, and my next favourite lines from the song were

Down in the meadow when the wind blows free,

a whispering breeze in the lightning tree.
Dreams come true if you want them to,

if you want them to, then it’s up to you

which just about sums it up for how I feel about Seventy Seven Acres.